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Each year, countless mailings pour into American homes with offerings of sales, discounts, and other enticing offers. Some of these mailing offers include, lawn services at reduced prices, banks offering free checking, and electronic stores with discounts on laptops and flat screen TVs. As well as many other offers. Just as important as getting these messages out, is getting them into the hands of the right people.

Since 1972, Paramount Lists has been doing just that. Paramount Lists provides direct marketing services that will allow businesses to build their brand, engage customers, and sell their products and services to the businesses and consumers who need them. Paramount Lists is a third-generation, Erie-based business located at 3126 Peach Street. At Paramount Lists, we have been steadily building and strengthening our reputation as a leading expert in buyer behavior.

"Our clients are just about anyone who does direct mail or e-mail as a means of contacting their customers."

"It could be someone who just mails to their customers or someone who is looking to mail other lists to gain new customers." notes Founder Ralph Genovese.