In-House Service Bureau


In-House Service Bureau


Data is great, but service is paramount! Product is important, but service is paramount! That is why Paramount Lists has expended great effort to create a state-of-the-art computer service bureau. All of the data we offer is housed on-site. Every order we produce is custom tailored to your unique specifications. Best of all 98% of our orders ship same day!

Whether you simply need data for a telemarketing, direct mail, or e-mail campaign, appending, modeling, hygiene, DNC suppression, custom database creation, or reporting, our experienced staff will create a simple turnkey solution that best fits your needs.

Phone Appending

Due to the increasing amount of telephone numbers, telephone companies are adding many new area code/exchange combinations. Over 10,000 area code/exchange combinations are added to or changed annually.

In order to improve your connection rate with your customers or prospects, it is recommended that you update your area codes prior to launching your telemarketing campaign. Paramount Lists provides you the most comprehensive system available to keep your customers or prospect list up to date.

We do this by matching the exchange and zip code combinations on your file to our database and verifying that the area code is correct. If the combination is deemed incorrect, the correct area code is then appended.

Database Creation

Paramount Lists proven commercial database solutions help your company to strategically interact and respond to your business needs and customer relationships.

Paramount Lists specializes in custom database design, developing databases for specific applications, improving performance of existing resources and streamlining your business model.

By utilizing the latest technologies we are able to integrate with all major database platforms to meet your needs.

Paramount Lists operates one of the largest database storage facilities in the list industry, with over 4.5 terabytes stored. For a realistic service fee, Paramount will store your database and provide optimization to improve performance.

Anytime Online Access

You can obtain counts in real time, 24 hours a day, via your standard web browser interface.

High Capacity

Paramount Lists database servers consistently meet or exceed industry standards for queries per second and data storage volumes. Be confident that your valuable records are stored and managed by a trusted provider.