List Management




Did you know that customer list you have been building can generate an additional revenue stream for your business? Paramount Lists offers an elite list management service that will turn your in-house customer data into a passive revenue stream with ZERO financial investment.

Your customers are buyers; buyers of all types of consumer products. From pet owners, to home owners, sports enthusiasts, asthma sufferers, and college students. The list goes on and on. With 250 million consumers in-house, we can take your customer list and append all of these attributes to each record, turning your inactive prospect list into a revenue goldmine.

Your data will not be sold to direct competitors, and you have sole discretion on who we sell your data to. We charge no start-up fees, no initiation fees, no monthly fees... You will never write a check to us. We work solely on a commission basis. We only get paid, if you get paid.

Contact us today about your prospect list and how Paramount Lists can start earning you revenue with no investment cost and little to no effort.