Monetize Your Growing Database with List Management

Do you own a growing database of customers? Did you know that you can earn passive income from your database by allowing Paramount to manage that data?

Paramount Direct Marketing has been successfully monetizing databases for our clients for over 25 years.

Advertisers today are constantly looking for new segments of consumers to target their products & services to. By allowing non-competitive businesses to utilize your database of customers, you can easily earn passive income that goes right to your bottom line by enlisting in our data management program.

I can't share my data, these are my customers.

We hear this a lot. The fact is this, your customer is not just your customer. Your customer also engages with hundreds of other businesses. Your customers purchase gas for their car, they buy electronics from the local store, they go grocery shopping, they order products online, they subscribe to magazines and catalogs, they buy toys for their pets & children. They buy vehicles, houses, appliances, gifts & countless more products & services. The fact of the matter is, all these other businesses are already sharing their customer databases with other non-competitive advertisers. Your customers, are already on countless lists for other categories of purchased products & services. It's time you start earning passive income on your data as well.

Why would I want to give my competitors, my data?

The short answer is, you wouldn't. You have complete control, and final say in who is allowed to purchase your data. You can give us specific businesses you do not want your data going to, or total product categories you do not want to share your data with. This is your data, and we give you total and complete control with with who is able to target your database.

What about Data Privacy?

Data Privacy is extremely important. That is why we always make sure that anyone who is inquiring in having their data managed by us, is aware that they must let their users/customers know that you may share their data with 3rd parties. You must let your clients know on your sign up page, and in your privacy policy how you share your data. That way the user or potential customer understands how you handle the data that you collect.

Yeah but... how much does it cost?

We do not charge any fees for our service. No hidden costs. No sign up fees. No monthly or annual subscriptions. No startup payments. We work on a very easy and fair royalty split. When we sell your data, we take a minority percentage of the sale, and forward the majority of the sale to you as soon as we are paid. This gives us all the motivation we need to get your data out on to the marketplace as quickly as possible.

We do not get paid, unless you get paid.

The benefits to data management are endless. Businesses today are always looking for new ways to bring in additional income to their bottom line. List management is one of the best ways to accomplish this. Inquire today with one of our data management specialists and let's start earning you passive income right away!