There is no ASSURANCE without INSURANCE!

It’s increasingly important in todays’ world. Paramount Direct Marketing has those looking for it, as in #1 Life Insurance Plan Seekers or #1 Prescription Plan Insurance Seekers and even Anxious Life Insurance Seekers. Not to be caught without coverage in other aspects, we also have Medicare Dual Eligible Households, Uninsured Healthcare Consumers, as well as #1 Prescription Plan Buyers.

All of these are excellent prospects depending on your market!

You hope to see your agent only once. The second time usually means…well…you need to use it. At Paramount Direct Marketing, it’s different. You’ll want to see us time and again for great files like All About Auto Insurance Renewal, Medicare Coverage, and Senior Health Care Responders.

So get reassurance on insurance with Paramount Direct Marketing

Insurance Lists are perfect for:
  • Auto Clubs
  • Auto Insurance
  • Burial Insurance
  • Drug Stores
  • Health Insurance
  • Juvenile Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Medicare
  • Pharmacy Discount Cards
  • Prescription Drug Insurance

18 Datacards Available for Insurance

#1 Life Insurance Plan Seekers

This file contains the most responsive listings of life insurance plan seekers. These consumers are out there looking for the best plan and rate that will fit their lifestyle needs. If you have the plan that is the best fit, these consumers are the quickest to jump on board. ...

Sources:  Direct Response 100%
Updated:  Monthly

#1 Prescription Plan Buyers

Reach people that have purchased a Prescription Plan. These responsive buyers are prime targets for other health-related offers as well as a large variety of other offers. They also have internet access and are awaiting your offer today... Call now!...

Sources:  Internet/Online 100%
Updated:  Monthly

#1 Prescription Plan Insurance Seekers

Reach Prescription Plan Insurance seekers. The goose has laid the golden egg! This list of health conscious people is ideal for a broad range of offers including insurance companies, pharmacies and much more. This list is a what most of you have been looking for - Here it is - Call today! Avera...

Sources:  Direct Mail 100%
Updated:  Monthly

AAA Identity Theft Protection Purchasers

With all the data breaches out there these individuals have purchased an identity theft protection plan. ...

Sources:  Direct Response 100%
Updated:  Monthly

ABET No Health Insurance

This file contains Consumers who are without Health Insurance. For Health Insurance offers, they are perfect to market to. The millions of uninsured consumers in the United States is a market that is growing due to the new Affordable Care Act.. In fact uninsured consumers are online, and they are a...

Sources:  Direct Response 100%
Updated:  Monthly

Absolute Insurance Buyers

Security. Some find it in a warm blanky and a comforting thumb, the rest of us have to pay for it! Meet the folks who have, or are planning to have, a little more peace of mind by paying those consistent premiums we all know and...Well...know. Derived from sweepstakes entrants, online purchases, and...

Sources:  Internet/Online/Survey 100%
Updated:  Monthly
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