Watt? You want to hear about electronics? Ohm me ohm my!

If you need users of gizmos, contraptions, and gadgets, Paramount Direct Marketing has the electronics users that you need!

American Transactional Buyers: Electronics gets you to the people who just purchased their electronics! Whether it’s a new camera, TV, or even a pair of stereo speakers, Get the folks who get the stuff!

Active Electronic / Technology Consumers consist of the people who are Technology Junkies who must be the first with the latest! Access Home Theater/Video Inquiries are into that special couch potato MUST that enables Netflix and Wine Dates. Regardless of the product, Paramount Direct Marketing has the Electronics lovers that you need!

Electronics Lists are perfect for:
  • Appliance Stores
  • Audio & Video Stores
  • Electronics Catalogs
  • Electronics Stores
  • Entertainment Stores
  • Furniture Stores
  • Home Theater Installers
  • Music Lovers
  • Online Electronics Shopping
  • Paid Programming

5 Datacards Available for Electronics

Access Computer Owners Nationwide

These individuals have all reported that they own a computer. Finally, you dont have to guess if your market is up to date with the times. These are all responsive computer owners....

Sources:  Direct Response 100%
Updated:  Monthly

Access Home Theater/Video Inquiries

Reach a responsive group of people that have stated they plan to purchase a home theater, video, or audio system. Select by age, income, and more! Call now to order and be SHOCKED by the responses!...

Sources:  Internet/Online 100%
Updated:  Monthly

Active Electronic / Technology Consumers

As time changes so does the electronics and technologies that are available to us. The consumers in this file enjoy all types of electronics. They love keeping in touch with the products that they have grown accustom to as well as appreciate what the world of electronics and technology will come up ...

Sources:  Direct Response 100%
Updated:  Monthly

Active Internet Enthusiasts

These are the people that are connected to the world through their computers. Whether you are looking for AOL Subscribers or just computer owners, we have it all. ...

Sources:  Direct Response 100%
Updated:  Monthly

American Transactional Buyers: Electronics

This unique file allows you to target buyers of Electronics including the date of purchase, how much they spent and how many times they bought. Whether its a new camera, TV, or even a pair of stereo speakers, these folks are not shy about getting the latest and greatest electronics to add to their s...

Sources:  Transactional Data 100%
Updated:  Monthly
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