Vacation. Maybe the single greatest word ever created.

Reach those, who would agree.

Who wouldn’t like to take a vacation? Maybe taking a trip overseas or a cruise is in the future for these niche groups of people. American Responders by Type of Travel has the people who detail how they travel. Perhaps visiting a timeshare Travel is big business. American Responders: Timeshare Travelers will get you the people who love to vacation via timeshares. Taking a trip involves planning, preparing and of course the cost. These are people who have the time and the means to enjoy a variety of trips.

Reach responsive individuals who will jump at the chance to travel.

Travel Lists are perfect for:
  • Car Rentals
  • Construction Companies
  • Credit Cards
  • Cruise Offers
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Painting Companies41
  • Photography
  • TimeShares
  • Travel Insurance
  • Vacation Planning

7 Datacards Available for Travel

All About Travel Rewards

To greatly cut costs on vacation expenses, these individuals have aimed for credit cards that offer travel rewards. These vacationers love cashing in their reward points to get their discounts on the products or services that best suit their traveling needs. Discounts can range from cheaper air far...

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Updated:  Monthly

American Responders by Type of Travel

Now you have access to a highly selectable file of travelers. Choose these direct marketing responders by the type of travel. Also, select by age, income and more. Call today and order American Mail Responders by Type of Travel! Great prospects for vacation planning, childrens offers, photography...

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Updated:  Monthly

American Responders: Timeshare Travelers

Now you have access to timeshare travelers that are mail and online responsive. All of these consumers have indicated they own and/or enjoy going to timeshares. Select by age, income, homeownership and more. Call today for American Responders: Timeshare Travelers!...

Sources:  Direct Response 100%
Updated:  Monthly

Americans Luv Travel

Reach these highly responsive travelers who have filled out a survey stating their direct interest in traveling. Choose from a variety of segments including Business travelers, personal travelers, and even the frequent flyers. Being able to target the direct form of travel that these individuals are...

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Updated:  Monthly

Casino Vacation

Reach out to consumers that LOVE to gamble. They choose to do this over any other recreational vacation. Many are casual gamblers but find enjoyment in traveling to the casino and playing the games. ...

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Updated:  Monthly

Frequent Flyers

Contact Travelers today by reaching out to people who are members of an airline frequent flyer program. They love to earn valuable miles/points that transfer over to something tangible. Sometimes a free airline ticket, car rental, cruise, merchandise, etc. ...

Sources:  Direct Response 100%
Updated:  Monthly
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