Let's Be Honest. When it comes to pet lovers, people come second.

Pet owners are people who have a love and joy for all animals and have a close bond with their pets. For 2019, it estimated that $75.38 billion will be spent on our pets in the U.S. Loyal pet owners have the means to pamper their pooches and indulge their felines. American Transactional Buyers: PETS is a list of pet owners selectable by dollar amount spent, means of purchase (online vs. offline, catalog vs. retail) and the type of pet owned.

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In an effort to keep their dogs healthy, some pet owners are fiercely loyal to the brand of food they buy. All About Dog Food by Brand is a list of people who volunteered info about the brands they purchase for their fur babies. Regardless of the type, these people are committed to keeping their dogs happy.

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Pets Lists are perfect for:
  • Catalogs
  • Home Cleaning Services
  • Humane Charities
  • Pet Groomers
  • Pet Insurance
  • Pet Magazines
  • Pet Sitting Services
  • Pet Stores
  • Pet Walking Services
  • Veterinarians

4 Datacards Available for Pets

Affectionate Pet Owners

From donors to doghouses, these pet dog & or cat lovers responded to a variety of different offers. These people will stop at nothing to make their furry friends happy. All are 100% credit card holders....

Sources:  Direct Response 100%
Updated:  Monthly

All About Dog Food by Brand

These individuals are all dog owners. They have answered a survey as to the brand of dog food they purchase. These are all 100% dog lovers and would do anything for their furry friends. ...

Sources:  Direct Response 100%
Updated:  Monthly

American Responders: Horse Owners

Reach a group of consumers that own a horse. These prospects are great for many offers, including: magazine, merchandise, travel and more. Call today for American Responders: Horse Owners!...

Sources:  Direct Response 100%
Updated:  Monthly

American Transactional Buyers: PETS

These prospects are all special because they are all BUYERS of various pet products. To ensure that their pets are well taken care of, these consumers have all made an actual purchase through an online or offline, catalog or retail store. Included in this file, you can also select the type of pet t...

Sources:  Transactional Data 100%
Updated:  Monthly
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