Telephone Service

Hello? Who is this? It's opportunity calling.

Reach people instantly via their phone.

Accurate American New Phone Connects is a source of new movers and new movers need a LOT of different products and services!. Call them today and get your offer to ready-to-buy consumers with a new phone line!

A1 Phone Disconnects are people who have had their landline disconnected. These people could be in line for a variety of different services such as streaming platforms, lines of credit, wireless plans & Much More!

Either of these lists can also be used to enhance current databases to update the status of your customers.

Telephone Service Lists are perfect for:
  • Bundling Packages
  • Cable Service
  • Cell Phone Plans
  • Credit Cards
  • Educational Programs
  • Electronics
  • Home Security
  • Periodic Subscriptions
  • Satellite TV
  • Streaming Services

4 Datacards Available for Telephone Service

A1 Phone Disconnects

These consumers,for one reason or another, are disconnected from their previous telephone provider. Available by former disconnected cell phone or disconnected land line, this is a must test file with great national hotlines. They are great prospects for prepaid phone cards, cash advance, catalog cr...

Sources:  Internet/Online 100%
Updated:  Monthly

Accurate American New Phone Connects

These people are all NEW PHONE CONNECTS. These active consumers have all recently moved and contacted their local phone companies to request new service in a new location. This is a HOT file - you can get their phone numbers before they are available by any other means. This IS the most accurat...

Sources:  Telco 100%
Updated:  Weekly

All Cell Phone Owners

These consumers all have cell phones. Some consumers do still have flip phones so the file is selectable by a cell phone or a smart phone user. ...

Sources:  Direct Response 100%
Updated:  Monthly

All New Business New Phone Connects

New Businesses - 100% Telco movers. Derived from the most recent directory listings. These are comprised of the latest movers, additional new business numbers and NEW telco listings in all regions of the U.S.A. This is the only accurate TELCO file on the market right now. It has been proven that...

Sources:  Telco 100%
Updated:  Bi-Weekly
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