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The global health club market ALONE is worth approximately $87.2 billion. Weather it’s AAA Weight Lifting or Active American Hobbies-Exercise/Health, or Exercise To the Max, Paramount Lists has the data to muscle you into this burgeoning market.

What about supplements? Vitamin Buyers are ready to put pep in your step!

Dieting? Chew on American Responders: Weight Loss!

Liking Biking and Hiking, these folks are great enthusiasts of indoor and outdoor fitness. The Market is here NOW! No matter the type of healthy lifestyle aficionado’s you’re looking for, get the health conscious, dedicated fitness buffs, you need data from Paramount Lists Health and Fitness!

Health & Fitness Lists are perfect for:
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Gym Memberships
  • Health Clubs
  • Health Publications
  • Organic Food
  • Restaurants
  • Sports Leagues
  • Supplements
  • Vitamins
  • Yoga Classes

16 Datacards Available for Health & Fitness

A1 Prescription Shoppers

Reach the households that have reached out and inquired through phone, direct mail and even the internet to get the information that they need on their prescription medications as well as pricing. Whether they have a question regarding their prescription or if they are trying to compare pricing, the...

Sources:  Multi-Sourced 100%
Updated:  Monthly

AAA Weight Lifting

Contact exercise/weight conscious consumers today. These people have indicated that they enjoy a vigorous weight lifting regime. They are health conscious and aware of what dedication and determination does when applied to their workouts....

Sources:  Direct Response 100%
Updated:  Quarterly

Active American Hobbies-Exercise/Health

Now you have access to a responsive group that has indicated that they enjoy exercise and staying healthy. These consumer are selectable by age, gender, income, etc.. This file is a great opportunity to jump start your sales today....

Sources:  Internet/Online 100%
Updated:  Monthly

Active Health Insurance Inquiries

Looking to reach people interested in obtaining or changing health insurance carries? Well look no more... This data base contains consumers who have opted in to various websites to receive health insurance type offers. Get on board today before they are locked in with someone else. Call for Active ...

Sources:  Direct Response 100%
Updated:  Monthly

Ailment - Master File

These individuals filled out a survey stating that they or someone in their household suffers from a particular ailment. List is separated by category per ailment condition. These households are responsive to a variety of offers including, but not limited to, informative newsletters, health services...

Sources:  Direct Response/Survey 100%
Updated:  Monthly

All About Americas Eating Habits

Access highly responsive consumers by the how they consume food. Todays society is high paced and because of this many Americans are becoming more aware of the types of foods they eat in order to keep their bodies healthy. Health conscience because of a medical condition or just to stay fit, each in...

Sources:  Direct Response 100%
Updated:  Monthly
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